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Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC Meeting Minutes 2005-09-26

Michael Brauer (chair) <michael.brauer@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems
Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net>
Gary Edwards <garyedwards@yahoo.com>
David Faure <faure@kde.org>
Yue Ma <mayue@cn.ibm.com>, IBM
Tom Magliery <tom.magliery@blastradius.com>, Blast Readius
Lars Oppermann <lars.oppermann@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems
Florian Reuter <florian.reuter@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems

Acceptance of Minutes from Last Call
Correction: Michael did not attend the call.
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes.

Action Items
Michael: create errata document
- ongoing


The OASIS Adoption Forum in London will be extended to cover OpenDocument.

There will be no call on October 3rd.

An email-list for public discussion on OpenDocument will be created by OASIS

Handling of users- and comments-mailing-lists:
In general, the comments list should only be used for formal 
communication about the specification, while general questions (informal 
discussions) should happen on the users-mailing list.

Posts to the comments list should be addressed by the TC, if a TC member 
believes that the comment should be addressed formally. Otherwise, the 
person posting the comment should be asked to take the topic to the 

Action: Michael to propose a wording for the mailing list description/rules

Meta Data/RDF:
1st step. map OpenDocument meta-data to RDF
2nd step. define how statements about parts of documents can be made

The meta data topic is related to the bibliography project/proposal by 
Bruce D'Arcus.
Action: Florian to follow up with on bibliography project and its 
relation to the metat data discussion

New Action Items
Michael: wording for mailing-list rulers/description
Florian: follow up on Bibliography/meta data (+post links)

Next conference call
2005-10-10 3PM GMT – 4:00PM GMT

Lars Oppermann

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