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Subject: RDF / Bib project


regarding a summarization of the discussion I really much like to refer 
to Lars Oppermann's mail.
I agree with the summarization in every point.

I just wanted to add some points I learned from the discussion with 
Bruce, Duane and the SemanticWeb people:

i) There is an interesting W3C project regarding the formalization of 
the transformation of existing --- legacy --- meta data into RDF using 
XSL(T) scripts. See http://www.w3.org/2003/g/data-view and 

ii) I have one question regarding the posting of Duane concerning RDF:
    "XMP does not "wrap around" RDF. XMP is expressed in a small subset 
of RDF. All valid XMP can be expressed in RDF. There is a lot of RDF 
that is not valid XMP."
    My question is: Does RDF in the above quote stand for semantic 
(triples) or syntax (RDF/XML)? Can every set of RDF/triples be expressed 
in XMP? I suggest that the above quotation talks about syntax, i.e. RDF/XML.

iii) If using a restricted syntax, I prefer using standards (like e.g. 
XMP if assumption in ii) is correct) rather than inventing my own.

iii)  A very interesting question is how statements about internal parts 
of the OpenDocument can be made? (cf. last point of Lars' mail). This is 
really an open point and there are also some requirements from the bib 

iv)  From the bib project I learned that the syntax is very important. 
To me three levels of RDF syntax exists:
     Level 0: RDF/XML
     Level 1: Restricted --- but still generic --- RDF/XML (like XMP, etc.)
     Level 2: Schema-restricted RDF/XML specially tailored for an 

     The level 2 syntax is extremely important, when the meta-data is 
not processed by an RDF parser, but by e.g. an XSL(T) script, which 
relies on the syntax and not on the semantic --- i.e. triples.

     I would suggest to ensure that the relation Level 1\subseteq Level 
2 holds, which means that it is important to specify the RDF syntax used 
in OD --- if we not want to use RDF/XML.

Best regards,


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