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Subject: XMP XML:RDF Metadata


Following this mornings conference call i sent Florian's XML:RDF 
proposal to Bruce D'Arcus.  He set up a Metadata Project hosted by the 
OpenDocument Fellowship.  There is a discussion list and a wiki to 
interactively build on the proposal Lars and Florian have spent so much 
time on.

Bruce was able to enlist the services of the W3C - XML dev gang that 
first advised us on XML:RDF.  And guess what?  They are back at it.  
Tread lightly, the fur is flying.  The ODF Fellowship volunteers will 
set about the task of beating the bushes for interested participants, 
and getting the word out that this is a high priority project needing 
high level participants.  The volunteers will also handle project 
documentation and scarfing up needed resources.  This is how the 
OpenFormula Project was brought back from the brink.  Hopefully, 
lightning will strike twice.  Even the legendary Daniel Volgelheim has 
been dragooned into joining the effort.  Who would believe it?

What the project really needs is the direct participation of Lars, 
Florian, and Patrick Durusau.  We also need the Adobe experts to get 
directly involved.  I'll ping Duane about that.  My guess is that Duane 
is now a father and quite busy with the world's first little OpenDoc'er 
:)  Let's hope all is well with Duane and his family.  Meanwhile, Duane 
has left me with a list of Adobe experts, and i'll take on the task of 
inviting them to the project. 

One thing the project could use is a sense of what the TC would like 
them to produce.  So if possible, if anyone has any thoughts on this, 
please jump in and help set the course for this effort.  I think they're 
on the right track, but it's something the TC needs to keep a handle 
on.  If you recall the eMail dump i did from the last go around with the 
W3C guys, you'll understand how important it is that we provide some 
clear objectives and parameters.  (Like there won't be a new metadata 
model unless it meets the needs of the primary applications represented 
on the TC :)

You can find the the MetaData Project at:

The listserve is at:
List name: odf-metadata@opendocumentfellowship.org 
Subscribe: odf-metadata-subscribe@opendocumentfellowship.org 

Hope this helps,

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