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Subject: Re: [office] Accessibility Sub Committee


robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for putting this together.  
> I think with accessibility, and eventually with formula and other 
> subcommittees, we may occasionally wish to hear from outside experts or 
> invited guests who are not OASIS members.  I'd like to suggest a way we 
> can do this within the OASIS policy framework.
> Section 2.5 of the TC policy defines three levels of participation: 
>  Observer, Member and Voting Member.  An Observer can attend TC 
> meetings, but cannot speak at TC meetings (Section 1n).  However, 
> Section 2.9 says that meetings are governed by /Roberts Rules of Order 
> Newly Revised/.  According to Robert's Rules, we can, in any meeting, 
> consider a "motion to suspend the rules", in this case the rules 
> respecting Observers speaking at the meeting.  If we do this, in 
> meetings where we know we have a guest speaker we wish to hear, we do it 
> within a normal TC or subcommittee call.  

Thank you very much for this suggestion.  Mary, do you think "suspending 
the rules" as Robert describes is something a TC could do? If so, could 
we also invite non OASIS members?

My suggestion would be that we have dedicated calls that are open for 
outside experts (regardless whether these are regular TC calls or 
informal ones), so that we possibly can hear multiple experts for the 
same topic.

I also think that we should try to convince the experts that we think 
are valuable for our work to become TC or SC members. The new non-voting 
member status seems to be a good status for such experts, because it 
allows them to participate in the discussions whenever they want to, but 
does not require a regular meeting attendence.

Best regards


> -Rob
> *Michael Brauer <Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM>*
> 11/16/2005 06:12 AM
> To
> 	OpenDocument <office@lists.oasis-open.org>
> cc
> Subject
> 	[office] Accessibility Sub Committee
> Dear TC members,
> one of the suggestions of the OpenDocument Summit in Amonk regarding the
> OpenDocument TC is to create an accessibility sub committee. While there
> are other suggestions that we may want to discuss in the TC, I propose
> that we care about this suggestion first.
> The formation of a subcommittee is described in section 2.14 of the
> OASIS Technical Committee Process:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#2.14
> Below is a proposal for a charter for an Accessibility Sub Committee
> (ASC). It to the best of my knowledge covers what has been discussed so
> far regarding accessibility of the OpenDocument file format itself, and
> what also is in the scope of our TC's charter.
> What we may want to discuss in our con call on Monday is not only the
> founding of an Accessibility Sub Committtee itself, but also who should
> be involved in the ASC, and a schedule for the foundation of the sub
> committee. We may also discuss whether it is required or reasonable to
> have a con call with accessibility experts prior to the foundation of an
> Accessibility Sub Committee.
> Best regards
> Michael
> OpenDocument Accessibility Sub Committee (ASC) Draft Charter
> ============================================================
> Statement of purpose
> --------------------
> 1.To liaise with the disability community to gather accessibility
>   related feedback on the OpenDocument v1.0 specification.
> 2.To gather accessibility related feedback from implementors of
>   accessible applications that implement OpenDocucument v1.0.
> 3.To produce a formal accessibility evaluation of the OpenDocument v1.0
>   file format.
> Deliverables
> ------------
> 1.A formal accessibility evaluation of the OpenDocument v1.0
>   specification.
> 2.A (possibly empty) list of accessibility information that is not
>   defined in OpenDocument v1.0, and whose absence makes it impossible
>   for applications to implement accessibility enhancements.
> Scope of work
> -------------
> The subcommittee's work is to ensure that OpenDocument schema allows to
> store the information that is required by applications aimed at allowing
> people with disabilities to access properly the content of OpenDocument
> documents.
> Manner and schedule of work
> ---------------------------
> The work of the subcommittee will be primarily through a mail list set
> up by OASIS for subcommittee work. Access by the public will be through
> an openly available mail list archive.
> Conference calls will be scheduled on a regular basis as agreed by the
> sub committee after its formation.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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