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Subject: Fwd: CEN/ISSS WS ADP announcement of next meeting

Dear TC members,

Jan Rietveld asked me to forward below invitation to you.

Best regards


-------- Original Message --------

Dear michael Brauer,

The next meeting of the CEN/ISSS WS on Document Processing for Accessibility 
(WS/DPA) will be the 23rd of January 2006. It will take place in the 
CEN/CENELEC Meeting Centre in Brussels.

At this meeting we will discuss the possible liaison with OASIS ODF TC.

Attached is the invitation to the meeting. Will you forward this invitation 
to the members of OASIS ODF TC?

Thank you for your cooperation.


Jan Rietveld
Secretariat of CEN/ISSS WS DPA

-------- Original Message --------

CEN/ISSS WS ADP announcement of next meeting
Jan Rietveld <Jan.Rietveld@nen.nl>
Fri, 16 Dec 2005 14:11:19 +0100
Jan Rietveld <Jan.Rietveld@nen.nl>

Amsterdam 2005-12-16

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Herewith we kindly invite you to participate in the 2th meeting of the 
CEN/ISSS Workshop Document Processing for Accessibility.

The meeting will take place on Monday, January 23, 2006 in Brussels, Belgium, 
from 10H00 to 16H30.

Attached you find the draft agenda.

Attendance of the meeting is open to all and free of charge. However, if you 
intend to participate, please send a notice to jan.rietveld@nen.nl.

If you need more information about the CEN/ISSS WS DPA please don't hesitate 
to contact me or see 

Mr. Jan Rietveld
Standardization Consultant
P.O. Box 5059
2600 GB Delft
Phone: +31 15 269 0376
Fax: + 31 15 269 02 42
Email: jan.rietveld@nen.nl
Website: www.nen.nl

Draft Agenda 2006_01_23.doc

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