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Subject: Introduction to Claus Agerskov


I would like to welcome Claus Agerskov, who will be joining the TC, 
representing the OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.  Claus has been a very 
active contributor, and highly persuasive member of both the 
OpenDocument Fellowship and OpenOffice.org community, with experience on 
many different projects involving ODF.  I've known Claus through years 
of OOo list serves and discussions, so i'm really looking forward to 
working with him on something that long ago captured both our passions 
and our determined commitment - the success of ODF.

What a great way to start the new year!


~Self Introduction from Claus Agerskov~

I am a Danish open standard and Free & Open Source Software evangelist.

I am currently active in OpenDocument Fellowship, OpenOffice.org Project 

Management Tool Project, Open Project Management Exchange Format, 
SQL-Finans/Saldi (Danish FOSS accounting software project) and the 
unofficial Danish OpenDocument site OpenDocument.dk.

I work as a system administrator at the Technical University of Denmark 

and part time teaching FOSS.

Previously I have been active in the OpenOffice.org community with 
translating to Danish and marketing, I also suggested to put the future 
development of the document format in an independent standardization body 

in October which was one of the reasons that the office TC was created.

I hope and work for that the future OpenDocument formats will so free and 
open that they can be implemented in free, open and closed software which 

mean it doesn't contain patented technology which isn't free for everyone 
to use (read: that future formats can be implement under software with a 
GNU General Public License).

The most enjoyable greetings 

Claus Agerskov        OpenDocument er en åben standard for kontordokumenter,
OpenDocument.dk       som  anbefales af blandt  andet  EU.   OpenDocument er
 <mailto:ca@opendocument.dk>    standardformatet i de nyeste udgaver af OpenOffice.org,
+45 27 59 69 96       KOffice og StarOffice.

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