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Subject: Proposed TC Meeting Agenda Items

I'd like to suggest two agenda item for us to queue up for discussion at a future TC call.

1) Proposal to create additional Subcommittees

With the increased TC size (now 16 voting members) we should probably be more protective of how we use our time during the weekly TC call.  Personally, I'm not sure that we have sufficient time during these calls to examine technical issues related to metadata, etc., to the depth these areas rightfully deserve.  I'd propose that we think of the TC call as primarily a meeting to propose and coordinate direction, and to review technical proposals.   But we should make more use of Subcommittees to develop debate specification areas to the point where the consensus of subject matter experts has been reached.  Then have these Subcommittees report back their recommendations to the full TC for review.   We're doing this with Accessibility today.  I think Metadata and Spreadsheet Formulas would be two other obvious candidates for such an approach.

2)  ODF TC Goals for 2006 .  

This is the type of thing we could discuss in the TC call if we moved some of the other ongoing discussions into Subcommittees.  

What do we as a TC want to accomplish over the next 12 months?  

A strawman proposal:

a) Accessibility Subcommittee completes its examination of ODF 1.0 and reports out findings and recommendations
b) TC issues ODF 1.01 specification with errata and Accessibility corrections, but no other new capabilities.  In other words, we agree to "fast track" any accessibility requirements.
c) Subcommittee formed to develop and propose further support for Metadata and Spreadsheet Formulas.
d) ODF 1.1 draft released with enhanced metadata, spreadsheet formulas, and whatever other new features the TC may propose
e) Compliance Subcommittee formed to propose ways to define compliance and recommend and perhaps develop a means to verify compliance of ODF-supporting applications


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