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Subject: Help within documents and templates

As a public comment on the office-comment list in February 2004 I
suggested "Include help information for the document" [1]:

  For templates and documents that the user have to fill out or change it
  would be a very good idea to have some help included in the file itself
  which then can either be shown as a menu item under the Help menu, shown
  as an (x)HTML page or implemted other ways.

  This way you don't have to write help information in additional files or
  in the information about the document under the File menu.

As far as I can see noone took the proposal to the TC and discussed it.

Last Friday I was at a Danish conference about open standards [2] held in
the Danish Parliament where I discussed the proposal with some of the
other attendees [3] - and they say I was a great idea.

But before I dig further and create a more formal proposal I want to hear
what oponion the rest of the TC has.

[1] "Include help information for the document":

[2] Open Standard Conference (Denmark 2006-01-13) - Roadmapping Denmark:

[3] Susy Struble (Sun), Kim Østrup (CEO of IBM Denmark), Dr. John Gøtze
(Danish E-gov Consultant).

The most enjoyable greetings
Claus Agerskov        OpenDocument er en åben standard for kontordokumenter,
OpenDocument.dk       som  anbefales af blandt  andet  EU.   OpenDocument er
ca@opendocument.dk    standardformatet i de nyeste udgaver af OpenOffice.org,
+45 27 59 69 96       KOffice og StarOffice.

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