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Subject: Re: [office] Formula Sub Committee Draft Charter


as you probably have seen, the objective of the proposed formula sub 
committee charter is to develop a specification for spreadsheet formulas that 
may become part of the OpenDocument specification. This means, a 
specification that is owned and maintained by OASIS. In addition to this, no 
decission has been made whether the development of this specification will be 
based on one or more proposals that TC members may contribute to OASIS, or 
will be developed from scratch.

 From my understanding, your are working on a formula specification 
(OpenFormula) that you have not contributed to the OASIS OpenDocument TC.

To be honest, I think this may cause a conflict of interests for you if the 
TC nominates you as SC chair. To help the TC to understand whether such a 
conflict of interests may exist, I think it would be very useful if you could 
explain your plans regarding the OpenFormula specification and project to the 

I think the TC is in particular interested to know whether you will 
contribute the OpenFormula specification to the OpenDocument TC, and whether 
you will continue the OpenFormula project when the formula sub committee has 
been founded. The answer to the later questions may be different in the cases 
that the TC decides to use the (contributed) OpenFormula as basis for its 
works, and for the case it does not, so I would like to ask you to provide 
anserws for both cases.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Best regards

Michael Brauer

OpenDocument TC chair

David A. Wheeler wrote On 01/20/06 23:10,:
> Gary Edwards wrote:
>> <David Faure wrote>
>> Since I will not be in the next phone call, I would like to state by 
>> email that I support
>> the nomination of David A. Wheeler as the chair of the opendocument 
>> sub-committee.
>> <ge>  And i would like to second the nomination.
>> +1 David A. Wheeler as Chairman of OASIS OpenDocument Formula 
>> sub-committee
> That's great!  My thanks to both of you.  I'd be delighted to serve.
> --- David A. Wheeler
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