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Subject: Note from Japanese SC34 member body regarding ISO DIS26300

I was forwarded this note with a request to forward to the TC.  I was told that Murata-san had sent this note to OASIS earlier, but had received no response.  (I don't know whom it was sent to originally).



From: "MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given)" <EB2M-MRT@asahi-net.or.jp>
Subject: Comments to DIS26300

I am writing this mail on behalf of the Japanese SC34 member body.

We would like to approve DIS 26300 and recommend Japan to endorse it
as a JIS standard.  However, we are deeply concerned about the use of
the word "URI" rather than "IRI".

It has been unclear whether URIs allow non-ASCII characters.  However,
with the recent advent of RFC 3986 and RFC 3987, it is now clear that
URIs do not allow non-ASCII characters and that IRIs do.  W3C XML Core
WG and W3C XML Schema WG are already planning to publish errata for
incorporating IRIs to XML specifications such as XML, XLink, W3C XML
Schema, and so forth.  Such errata do not require endorsement from W3C

The datatype "anyURI" of W3C XML Schema, which appears in ODF schemas,
already allows non-ASCII characters.  Thus, we believe that the change
from "URI" to "IRI" in DIS 26300 is a simple editorial change.

If OASIS is willing to incorporate this editorial change, we are happy
to approve the DIS and recommend Japan to publish it as a Japanese
Industrial standard.  If not, we are forced to make a very difficult

The JTC1 procedure for PAS submission requies that the comment
disposition meeting be held two months after the six month ballot is
closed.  The project editor is required to prepare a proposed
disposition document prior to the comment disposition meeting.  At the
same time, OASIS can start an OASIS ballot, if it is deemed absolutely

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