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Subject: Re: [office] Formula Sub Committee Draft Charter

Chris Nokleberg <chris@sixlegs.com> wrote on 02/03/2006 03:58:34 PM:

> > That's fine with me.  Whatever we end up with with needs to be
> > formally specified, so unless we define the syntax of BNF in a
> > self-contained way, we'll need to refer to an external standard.
> > Whether it is XML 1.1, or RFC 2234 isn't as important to me as the
> > fact that we're following some authority.
> In case it has been forgotten, the OpenDocument 1.0 spec already
> includes a BNF for the draw:formula attribute. The spreadsheet formula
> spec should probably use the same BNF syntax. The obvious problem being
> that the syntax of the BNF used for draw:formula is not specified.

Good catch.  9.5.5 "Enhanced Geometry".  No authority cited there.  But certainly makes sense that all BNF's in ODF should use the same syntax.


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