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Subject: Introduction


I would like to introduce myself and the company I am representing on
this list and in the OpenDocument TC.
Ars Aperta, a french company providing strategic consultancy on FOSS and
Open Standards related strategies
 ( http://www.arsaperta.com/en/index.html ) has recently joined the
OASIS consortium and the OpenDocument TC. We are interested in bringing
helpful contributions to this technical committee and hope to improve
the specification in the best way we can. We are particularly interested
in making sure that the OpenDocument format is tested and compliant with
any kind of alphabet, glyphs and, more generally, works well within any
kind of i18n-specific related environment.

I will not be the only person representing Ars Aperta, but for the
moment, I would also like to introduce myself. My name is Charles-H.
Schulz and besides being one of the founder of Ars Aperta, I also
contribute to the OpenOffice.org project, albeit in a non-technical
role. I'm the lead of the Native-Language Confederation of
OpenOffice.org and so I focus on everything related to the international
expansion of the project and the product. My work here in this TC,
however, shall be put in the context of my job at Ars Aperta.

Since I am new here, I am very interested  in your guidance and advices
related the actual work taking place in the TC. Also, I would like to
know if I have to join the next confcall on monday the 13th.

Looking forward to work with you,

Associť / Associate,
Ars Aperta.

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