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Subject: Metadata & Bibliography work (Bibus as a possible example?)

FYI, for those of you who are looking at metadata & improving
bibliographic citation work, here's some related work to look at.

On NewsForge there is a recent article about "Bibus", a
bibliography application that currently supports OpenOffice.org
(and presumably could be modified to support other OpenDocument
applications too).  Details at:
Bibus must have an internal data model of citations, and if it's
truly able to handle many different formats, then perhaps it'd be
a worthy example of a citation data model.

I would VERY much like to see strong bibliographic support
in OpenDocument applications; that could be a distinguishing
(and VERY useful) capability.  Perhaps examining Bibus would
be helpful in determining how to improve things.

(Yes, I know there's more to metadata than citations, but
right now I perceive improved citation/reference support as the
most immediate need.)

--- David A. Wheeler

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