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Subject: Re: [office] Re: mimetype for ODF - Macintosh type codes?

James Bryce Clark wrote:
>     Thanks, Lars, for doing the groundwork for this, and my apologies 
> for our delayed reply.
Let me add another _thanks_ to Lars for working on the IANA registration.

However, I have a few quick comments/questions about the info on this 
form, below.

> # Applications which use this media type
> [Any application implementing the OpenDocument Format for Office 
> Applications, including]
> StarOffice, OpenOffice.org, KOffice [and ...]
> [COMMENT:  Starting with the generic statement above seems 
> appropriate, as we've done in other cases.  And are there any other 
> apps the TC  wishes to name at present?  It seems to me that I have 
> heard of several others.  We encourage you to include them, and list 
> them in some neutral manner such as alphabetically.]
These webpages should make creating that list easy, at least as a start:

> # Additional information
>     * [There are no Magic number(s).]
When compressed using zip, I thought there WERE some magic
numbers (the same as .zip). However,  they're not enough to distinguish
.zip from OpenDocument, and it's POSSIBLE to not use the compressed
format.  I take it that's why they're not identified as such?
Maybe a note to that effect would be useful, e.g.:

[There are no Magic number(s), as such.  It can be sent as an 
uncompressed XML file, but is usually sent compressed using zip, and the 
magic numbers of zip are not sufficient to distinguish the format from 
other zip files.  Typically filenames or type codes are used to identify 
the format.]

>     * [There are no specified Macintosh file type code(s).]

Aren't there? Are you sure?  I know there's at least one implementation 
on the Mac... what do they use for typecodes?  We should use them here.

--- David A. Wheeler

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