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Subject: Re: [office] style name uniqueness

David Faure wrote:
> OK, so the spec is not unclear, but it's still
> cumbersome to implement IMHO.

Requiring style name uniqueness accross style families might cause 
another set of complications. In applications that let the user create 
custom styles (like OOo) a user might legitimately need to create two 
styles in different families with the same name.

Suppose you're writing a school textbook. The textbook has "warnings", 
"tips" and "notes". You want these items in boxes (ie. frames) that look 
distinct. As an author, it would make sense to define Frame styles 
called Warning, Tip and Note and paragraph styles called Warning, Tip 
and Note. The Warning paragraph style is meant to be used in the Warning 
frame style.

I know of at one team of authors who is doing this very thing right now.

There are ways you could get around this, but I suspect that they are 
just as much work as what we currently have.

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