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Subject: OASIS process

Dear TC members,

it was one of my action items to summarize the time constraints of the OASIS 
standardization process:

1. The OpenDocument TC approves a specification as committee draft.
2. A public review of the committee draft takes place for a minimum of 60 days.
3. If comments are received that require a change of the specification, the 
spcification is changed accordingly, and a public review of the changes takes 
place for 15 days. This step may be repeated.
4. The TC approves the specification as committee specification.
5. The TC submits the Committee Specification to the membership of OASIS for 
consideration as an OASIS Standard. This submission must be requested by the 
15th of a month.
6. Starting at the 1st of the next month, the voting takes place. It takes a 

Taking all the above duration together and taking about a week into account 
for the preparation of the public review and OASIS submission, the full OASIS 
standardization process takes 4 month at a minimum.

Best regards


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