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Subject: a question on the ISO standardization process

I don't know if this post would better be off on the Adoption TC mailing
list, anyway I would like to point out these news about Microsoft
joining one committee in charge of the ODF standardization process at
the ISO.
Forgive the shameless plug on my blog http://charles-blog.libervis.com
gathering the links to these news.

Do you think this could hamper the ODF standardization process and if
yes, how? My understanding is that the people from Microsoft there could
delay this process by reviewing thoroughly the ODF 1.0 specification
document and ask for minor changes. These minor changes would in turn
take enough time to allow the "Open XML" format to clear the ISO
standardization process or even to drown the ODF effort, at least in the
eyes of the public.


Associť / Associate,
Ars Aperta.

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