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Subject: TC Roadmap Proposal

Dear TC members,

please find below the roadmap proposal I have presented in the last 
coordination call:

OpenDocument 1.1
This version includes the results from the Accessibility SC
and erratas only.

Commitee Draft: July 2006
Public Review: August/September 2006
Earliest date of OASIS standard voting[1]: November 2006

OpenDocument 1.2
This version includes the results from the accessibility SC (if they are not 
in ODF 1.1 already), meta data SC and formula SC, as well as additional 
enhancements that the TC has agreed.

Committee Draft: June 2007
Public Review: July/August 2007
Earliest date OASIS standard voting[1]: October 2007

If the work of the sub committees is finished earlier, and if there are no
other larger proposals pending at this time, then we of course may finish
OpenDocument 1.2 earlier. However, I think OpenDocument 1.2 should at least
include the results of those sub committees we have just started.

Best regards


[1] The date for the OASIS standard voting is only valid if the TC did not 
make any substantial changes to the specification as a result of the public 

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