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Subject: Re: [office] Face 2 Face

Dear TC members,

I have put this topic on the agenda of our con call on Monday.

I'm not sure if we can say already whether we need a face to face meeting to 
complete an OpenDocument 1.1 draft by July. I think this depends on the 
amount of work that is required to complete OpenDocument 1.1. But I think we 
at least could try to agree on a date where a face to face could take place, 
and a date until when we decide whether we want to have a face to face 
meeting or not.


Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg wrote On 03/20/06 16:12,:
> Dear TC members,
> as I have announced already some time ago, I would like to offer to have 
> an OpenDocument TC meeting in the Sun location in Hamburg somewhere in 
> the near future. Under the assumption that we want to deliver an updated 
> OpenDocument specification by the end of the year and under the 
> assumption that the OASIS process takes 4 months, I would like to 
> propose that we schedule the meeting for June or July. This would would 
> give us the opportunity to discuss and agree on the remaining open 
> details of the specification at the face to face in addition to other 
> topics we may want discuss at a face to face.
> Having the specification ready in July means that we may start the 
> public review in early August. This again would mean that we may have 
> the opportunity for an OASIS standard voting in November, and that we 
> don't run into conflicts with the christmas break at the end of the year.
> I would suggest that we meet for three days, but don't have any 
> preference whether Monday to Wednesday, Tuesday to Thursday, or 
> Wednesday to Friday would be best.
> The following dates would work for me:
> Week starting
> June, the 5th (only Tuesday to Thursday (6th to 8th) or Wednesday to 
> Friday (7th to 9th)
> June, the 12th
> June, the 19th
> July, the 17th
> July, the 24th
> However, these are only suggestion, so please let me know if you think 
> it would reasonable to schedule a face to face later this year (or 
> earlier).
> Best regards
> Michael
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