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Subject: Re: [office] Accessibility SC Meeting Minutes from May 4, 2006


Tables: No spec for tables in impress needed, when they are stored as
calc table OLE objects.
- Backward compatible
- UI should be like for non-OLE object: No activation needed, A11y
information available in tree.


Nathaniel S Borenstein wrote:
> OASIS ODF Accessibility SC Minutes from Thursday May 4, 2006 Meeting
> by Nathaniel Borenstein and Peter Korn
> [Please send any corrections or additions to Nathaniel.]
> Attending:  Nathaniel Borenstein (chair), Chieko Asakawa, Pete Brunet,
> David Clark, Peter Korn, Steve Nobel, Janina Sajka, Rich
> Schwerdtfeger, Hironobu Takagi, Malte Timmermann
> Apologies:  Dave Pawson
> I.  The minutes of the April 27 meeting were approved as corrected and
> submitted.
> II.  Tables in presentations:  Peter summarized his e-mail about
> Tables.  Discussion centered on implementation issues; no action items
> III.  Rich's ALT text proposal.  Discussed reference to transcoding
> for import/export for Microsoft, decided to draw this to the attention
> of the TC and let them decide whether to leave it in.  We still need
> an implementer's guide.  We appear on track for inclusion in ODF 1.1,
> proposed draft available in July for OASIS resolution by November.
>  Action item:  Nathaniel to add schema description, send to parent TC.
> IV.  Announcement:  ODF 1.0 is now an ISO standard (a11y warts and
> all).  So now folks like the EU can specify an ISO standard for office
> documents. Vote was unanimous [save abstentions], and more countries
> voted than expected.  No action items.
> V.  Janina conveyed two bits of news from ITD: they published an RFI
> looking for submissions from companies, whatever about creating a
> plug-in module for MS-Office to read/save ODF.  They've also come up
> with Accessibility Czar - Joe Lazzaro is moving over to ITD from the
> Mass Commission to run that.  No action items.
> VI.  Discussion of Chieko's proposal for tabindexing to improve
> keyboard navigation tabled until upcoming face-to-face meeting.
>  Action item:  Chieko to prepare tabindexing proposal prior to F2F
> meeting.
> VI.  Role attribute review:  Rich will take this to the FSG.  No
> action items.
> VII.  Agenda for upcoming (May 20-21) face-to-face meeting:
>         -- Table proposal review
>         -- Tabindexing for keyboard navigation
>         -- Daisy requirements discussion
>         -- 1.1 Scope cutoff decision
>         -- Future extensions for presentations
>         -- Other topics for ODF 1.2
>         Action item:  Rich to compile 5/20-21 F2F agenda.
> VIII.  Deferred for some future meeting(s):
>         -- Soft/hard page break issue from (Dave P)
>         -- Nested list markup issue from Dave P
>        -- Mediaobject proposal from Dave P
> The next meeting will take place on May 11 unless we decide to cancel
> it for lack of a quorum
> Summary of action items:
> -- Nathaniel to add schema description to alt text proposal, send to
> parent TC.  (done)
> -- Chieko to prepare tabindexing proposal prior to F2F meeting.
> -- Rich to compile 5/20-21 F2F agenda.
> [Please send any corrections or additions to Nathaniel.]

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