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Subject: Re: [office] Bi-directional text.

You can have LTR text in a RTL paragraph by using left-to-right-mark and 
right-to-left-mark or RTL/LTR-embedding unicode characters in the text. 
unicode offerers these for exactly that purpose.
In OpenOffice 2.0, the insert-menu offers functions to insert those 
marks when working in a CTL environment. The unicode bi-di algorithm 
will when be applied accordingly.

I can see, how the same can be done with direction-attributes for 
span-elements. Nevertheless, the current solution works and I am not 
aware of any use-cases not covered by it. Do you know of any?


Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Hello,
> OpenDocument only supports bidi up to the paragraph level:
> * Section 15.2.19 - Page writing mode - p. 547
> * Section 15.5.36 - Paragraph writing mode - p. 591
> * Section 15.7.8  - Section writing mode - p. 599
> * Section 15.8.13 - Table writing mode - p. 603
> The writing mode attribute should also apply to the <text:span> tag so 
> we can have (e.g.) LTR text inside a RTL paragraph.
> Cheers,
> Daniel.

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