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Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC Coordination Call Minutes 2006-05-08

Yue Ma, IBM
Patrick Durusau, Individual
Jody Goldberg, Novell
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems
Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
Florian Reuter, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards, The OpenDocument Foundation
David Wheeler, The OpenDocument Foundation
Chris Nokelberg, Tonic Systems

Acceptance of Minutes from Last Call
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last
coordination call

Chris had problems with the US toll-free dial-in number. If anyone else 
is experiencing problems with the telecon system, please report these to 
the mailing list.

Action Items
Michael: prepare issue tracking - in progress
Michael: prepare roadmap - done, see discussion

SC Status
Accessibility (Michael)
F2F meeting week of May 21
there is a proposal for description/titles on drawing objects, comments 
will be addressed at F2F
ongoing discussion on tables in presentations
(Florian) currently two options are evaluated:
a) include tables directly in presentation schema
b) use embedded spreadsheet tables
(Yue Ma)  what about storing table data for group of shapes elsewere
(Florian) also consiidered, but design has problems
continue discussion on tables via mailing list...

Metadata (Patrick)
currently writing draft for use-case document
not yet as official result, but for getting comments
hope to have it available before next monday's call

Formulas (David W)
Syntax document done, no implementation yet
next step is types
then functions

TC Discussion
ISO ballot
(Patrick) passed with no negative votes. Not sure yet, whether there 
will be a ballot resolution meeting.
We need to work out how to address the comments
Right now I am working on getting more detailed information from the 
national bodies that had comments attached to their vote...
We should start on getting answers for comments (e.g. BiDi)
(Michael) we should have a coordination call next week too, in order to 
decide on comments. Try to address comments on the ML until
  then, it looks like all they need is already in OpenDocument/Unicode. 
Will clarify
ACTION: Michael to work on BiDi comments

(michael) anyone disagreeing to the proposal on the ML?
(patrick) question: if we can solve all of the erratas for iso we should 
get that sooner
(michael) errata comments from iso go into errata document
once that doc is completed, an additional speciification eg 1.0.1 is 
created with those errata
(patrick) what I am proposing is, the document that we are giving to iso 
has to say how the comments were resolved. this is than published as the 
iso version
since A11Y came up in a comment, this should maybe be dealt with.
what I am leaning to is, that we should have a version which is an OASIS 
specifcation as well as an ISO specification, so that the two are in 
sync. not sure whether we will get the oasis 15 day rule on A11Y
(michael) would like to keep A11Y and errata seperate
(lars) there is A11Y in comments, what role do we play in ballot 
resolutionopinion for comments?
(patrickj) oasis will look at TC for answers on comments
we should wait until we know more about the status of A11Y
we may have to revisit the revision numbering
(michael) we should now process comments we received
we should deciide on how to proceed, when our responses are clear
(lars) there should be one version, that is in sync at ISO and OASIS
(michael) any objections to the roadmap proposal?
- no objections -

face 2 face june/july
(michael) topics would be A11Y changes
not clear whether F2F is required
I do not expect that a F2F is necessary for those
not sure about ISO comments (need to discuss those at F2F)
(patrick) we probably need to wait until end of may
we likely have more material when input from formula and metadata SC 
output is available
(michael) proposal would be to decide end of may on whether a summer f2f 
is needed
schedule for end of july, but expect it not to happen
final decision end of may
- no objections -

New Action Items
Michael to work on BiDi comments

Next conference call
coordination call: 2006-05-15, 3:00PM-4:00PM UTC

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