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Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC Coordination Call Minutes 2006-05-15

Yue Ma, IBM
Robert Weir, IBM
Patrick Durusau, Individual
David Faure, KDE
Jody Goldberg, Novell
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
Florian Reuter, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards, The OpenDocument Foundation

Jamie Clark, OASIS

Acceptance of Minutes from Last Call
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last
coordination call

Action Items
Michael: prepare issue tracking - in progress
Michael: prepare roadmap - done, see discussion
Michael: work on BiDi comments: Lars' took over this action item, see

ISO Status
Jamie provided a status of the ISO standardization:

The ISO ballot for OpenDocument/ISO/IEC 26300 was sucessful. There were 
only "yes" votes, some of them with comments. OASIS (and the 
OpenDocument TC) now has the obligation to process the comments. OASIS 
will send a comment disposition report to ISO JTC1/SC34, that it will 
assemble based on the input of the OpenDocument TC. Comments may be 
addressed in various ways. The TC/OASIS for instance may take the 
comment for a future version, but it may also reject comments, or state 
that it welcomes the comment, but cannot make a change to the 
specification for certain reasons.

The disposition report optionally may have a revised OpenDocument 
specification attached, but the only permitted changes are editorial ones.

There will be no ballot resolution meeting for ISO/IEC 26300, but 
JTC1/SC34 must take an action to approve the report.

The OASIS rules for acceptance of a revised specification that contains 
only editorial changes are as follows.
1. The TC approves the specification as a committee draft.
2. A 15-day public review takes place.
3. The TC approves the specification as a committee specification 
(provided that the public-review was successful)
4. The TC submits the specification to the OASIS membership for voting 
as an OASIS standard. The submission request must be send to the OASIS 
TC administration before the 15th of a month.
5. In the month following the submission request, the OASIS standard 
voting takes place.

The earliest date where an OASIS membership voting may take place is July.

Next steps
Patrick reported that some of the comments are editorial ones (like
oversights, ambiguous references or misspelled words), and some are 

The TC believes it would be reasonable to attach a revised specification 
to the comment disposition report.

Patrick volunteered to create proposals for the disposition of the 
individual comments. Michael volunteered to edit the specification 
document, that is, to integrate the proposed editorial changes into the 
specification document.

The TC agreed that the next conference call shall be a coordination call.

New Action Items
Patrick: Create proposals for the disposition of comments.
Michael: Edit specification document

Next conference call
coordination call: 2006-05-22, 3:00PM-4:00PM UTC

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