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Subject: Re: [office] Action required: OpenDocument v1.0 Second Edition Draft 28 (revised)

I have found these spelling errors in Draft 18. Please note that some of
them occur multiple times on the indicated pages.

  Page(s)   Existing text                 Corrected text
  --------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------
  75        continuos                     continuous
  177,178   text:ouline-level             text:outline-level
  274       titeldia                      titledia
  335       timming                       timing
  478       style:region-reight           style:region-right
  499       number:possessive-gorm        number:possessive-form
  516,518   text:linenumbering-seperator  text:linenumbering-separator
* 517       rigth                         right
  538       linarGradient                 linearGradient
  576       follwing                      following
* 654       intesity                      intensity
* 665       style:wrap-dynamic-treshold   style:wrap-dynamic-threshold
  675       chart:interplation            chart:interpolation
  682       upper-limmit                  upper-limit

Unfortunately the three starred ones also appear in the actual Relax NG
schema. They are clearly typos but I'm not sure if the process for
fixing them is the same.


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