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Subject: Re: [office] Accessibility Evaluation of the OpenDocument v1.0specification

Accessibility SC members,
TC members,

I would like to join the congratulations from Mary and Rob, and would like to 
thank all accessibility SC members for your hard work on the report.

I would further like to ask all TC members to familiarize yourself with the 
report. It contains a couple of recommendations that we will have to discuss 
very soon.

Best regards


Peter Korn wrote On 05/27/06 02:19,:
> Greetings,
> As set forth in the Statement of purpose of the Accessibility 
> Subcommittee of the OASIS ODF Technical Committee, the Accessibility 
> Subcommittee submits their report of the outcome of their accessibility 
> evaluation of the OpenDocument v1.0 specification.  Our report is 
> attached, in ODF, PDF, and XHTML formats.
> Here is our Executive Summary:
>   The ODF Accessibility Subcommittee has identified 9
>   accessibility issues in ODF 1.0, and proposes candidate
>   solutions to them. With these changes, we believe that ODF
>   will meet or exceed the accessibility support provided in
>   all other office file formats as well as that specified in
>   the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.
>   Furthermore, these modifications will enable ODF to support
>   the authoring of DAISY digital talking books, a worldwide
>   standard used by blind, low vision, learning disabled, and
>   other print impaired communities.
>   The recommended changes address:
>     * Alternative text for non-text objects (3 recommendations)
>     * Proper association of captions to captioned content
>     * Encoding of pagination information
>     * Preservation of table semantic structure imported from
>       other file formats
>     * Proper encoding of authored table header content
>     * Author-defined logical navigation of page objects in
>       presentations
>     * Provision of alternative text hints for hyperlinks
>   Furthermore, we request that the appropriate text be added to
>   the ODF specification to indicate how this accessibility meta
>   data is mapped by the authoring tool to a platform accessibility
>   API as well as their accessibility applicability in the
>   specification.
>   To fully address the needs of people with disabilities in using
>   ODF, an ODF application must meet a number of accessibility
>   requirements as well.  ODF application developers should be
>   provided with implementation guidelines to meet these
>   requirements.
> It is the intention of this subcommittee to continue working, now with 
> our focus on the new goal of defining and delivering improvements to the 
> efficiency and usability of ODF by people with disabilities that goes 
> beyond the current state of the art.  These improvements include: 
> effective blind access to slide presentations; partnering with the W3C 
> to tackle SVG graphics accessibility; better access to graphs and 
> charts; and improved navigation models for tabular data.  We look 
> forward to delivering to the technical committee our thoughts and 
> recommendations in these areas for consideration in future versions of 
> the ODF specification.
> On behalf of the OASIS ODF Accessibility Subcommittee,
> Peter Korn
> Accessibility Architect,
> Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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