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Subject: Re: [office] Additional Ballot Comments (China)

Mason, James David (MXM)" exclaimed:
> This is what I have from the SC34 Secretariat: We have a copy of the comments
> from China; the contents are what Rob Wier read to the conference call and
> later forwarded to the ocmmittee. These came to SC34 from JTC1 after the
> ballot had closed and JTC1 had delivered to SC34 the comments that it had
> received on the ballot. The SC34 Secretariat is attempting to determine the
> status of the Chinese comments.
> Anything related to ODF that SC34 receives from JTC1 will be forwarded to the
> OASIS TC. (Both Ken Holman, the Secretariat Manager, and I are members of
> OASIS, and I am a member of the TC.)

Jim - thanks SO MUCH for that information.  That succinctly explains
why we didn't receive the comments.

If we DO receive these comments, I suspect we'll need to
contact the authors for more information.  I wasn't sure what the
commenter intended on several of them, and I suspect the rest of
us will have the same problem.  If they could recast them in the form
"in section X, please change text Y to Z" they'd be much easier to understand.

--- David A. Wheeler

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