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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal Responses to ISO Comments

I have already added responses for the comments from China to the proposal. 
Provided that the TC agrees to the responses, the only think we have to do in 
that case is to remove the note I have added to the document that says that 
these comment were not included in the official ballot result.


Mason, James David (MXM) wrote On 06/15/06 16:22,:
> I do not yet have a specific reply from Ken Holman, the SC34 Secretariat 
> Manager (he's working to overcome a vast backlog after the Seoul 
> meeting), but I see from his weekly message about new document postings 
> that the Chinese comments apparently should be treated as official:
>     N0728 was revised based on the late arrival at ISO Central
>     Secretariat of comments from the Chinese National Body to the DIS
>     26300 ballot.
> This means the TC needs to respond to them as it did the other comments 
> already received.
> Jim Mason

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