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Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC Coordination Call Minutes 2006-06-19

Voting Members:

Robert Weir, IBM
Patrick Durusau, Individual
Waldo Bastian, Intel
James Mason, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34
David Faure, KDE
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Bruce D'Arcus, The OpenDocument Foundation
Gary Edwards, The OpenDocument Foundation
Florian Reuter, The OpenDocument Foundation

Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems

Paul Langile, Corel Corp.

Acceptance of Minutes from Previous Meeting
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last
coordination call.

Action Items
Michael: prepare issue tracking
     - in progress
Michael to prepare comments document
     - done
Peter to clarify whether soft line breaks are a A11Y requirement
    - done, not a requirement now
Lars to create proposal for soft page breaks
    - done
Lars to provide Peter with link to the BiDi appendix

(Michael) I will be on vacation next Monday, Lars will chair meeting and 
do any spec editing that might become necessary

(Patrick) the Chinese comments have gotten official status and can be 
addressed like the other ISO comments
(Michael) I will include our answers  in the comments document
(Rob) can we get more info on some of the comments
(James) likley that this is not possible through SC34, not much contact 
with Chinese body. The TC can respond anyway, noting that the TC might 
have further responses should more information become available at some 
time in the future
(Michael) can we vote on responses now, given that the answers to the 
Chinese comments that we already have are included and the language that 
James suggested is included?
[no objection]
RESOLUTION: submit responses to ISO comments

OpenDocument 1.1 Proposals:
(Michael) Schedule for 1.1:
  - we want to have 1.1 as an OASIS Standard this year, so that voting 
does not take place in the holiday season
- we must have a committee draft ready no later than July 24th but to 
leave some more room we should finish July 17th
- we thus can accept substantial proposals only until this Friday (June 
(Lars) is anyone working on yet unknown proposals?
[no answer]
(Michael) we can accept minor/editorial proposals until July 13th.
(Michael) is anyone disagreeing to this schedule
[no objection]
RESOLUTION: go with 1.1 schedule described by Michael

A11Y - soft page-breaks
(Lars) I have got some comments on my proposal and will post a revised 
version. There is a clarification needed o n what applications generate 
soft page breaks and an addition, that an application that can generate 
the pagination information should allow the user to have the information 
included in the saved file.
I'd like to vote us on the proposal under the condition that the 
revisions I just stated are included.
[no objection]
RESOLUTION: include revised soft page-break proposal
ACTION: Lars, post revised proposal

(Bruce) we discussed this on the list... there remains the question 
whether a caption is referenced with an attribute named 'described-by' 
or one called 'caption-id
(Lars) Given the  ongoing metadata efforts, 'described-by' seams to 
broad in meaning, and we should go with caption-id, since what is 
referenced is clearly only a caption in this case
[no objection]

(Michael) lets vote on the whole batch of A11Y proposal now, given the 
modification we just agreed to are done
[no objection]
RESOLUTION: include A11Y proposals, captions referenced by caption-id

(Michael) there is still no wording for the table in presentation issue, 
so that might get moved to 1.2

(Michael) lets now vote on the other 1.1 proposals that we have or 
discuss any issues should there be any left with them...

Proposals for UK and JP ISO comments that could not go into 1.0.1
[no objection]

BiDi Appendix (non normative)
[no objection]
RESOLUTION: include BiDi Appendix

Schema spelling errors
(Michael) should we include mechanisms that allow backwards 
interoperability for the misspelled schema
(James) Process for this in ISO allows editors to just correct this
(Lars) we should do likewise
[no objections]
(Michael) can we proceed likewise for any other schema spelling issues 
that come up?
[no objections]
RESOLUTION: Correction of schema spelling error is part of editorial process

writing-mode (bidi) attribute for graphic styles
[no objections]
RESOLUTION: add a writing-mode attribute to graphic styles

show-ending-page (presentations)
(David F.) This would be an attribute for presentations, that specifies, 
whether a special ending-page should be shown by the applications at the 
end of a presentation
[no objections]
RESOLUTION: include David's ending-page proposal in 1.1

New Action Items
Michael: editing of 1.1 draft according to resolutions
Lars: post revised soft-page-break proposal

Next conference call
coordination call: 2006-06-26, 3:00PM-4:00PM UTC

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