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Subject: Re: [office] Definition of cellAddress lacks apostrophe in tablename

Hi, unfortunately I will not be able to make the teleconference
on July 3rd due to a sudden schedule change.

However, I promised to double-check on the cell naming
issue, so here's what I found.  This dates back to an
April 13, 2006 posting by Eike Rathke, and Eike is absolutely right.
The problem is that the spec doesn't show how
to include the single-quote in table names.  We solved this in
the formula group with the typical convention of doubling single quotes,
a common solution to the problem.

So yes, please do fix the syntax for table names, so that a
doubled ' is considered part of the table name.  Thanks.

Eike Rathke wrote:
> Hi,
> According to the current ODF cellAddress definition in
> 8.3.1 Referencing Table Cells
> line 3838, the apostrophe character is not allowed in table names (I'm
> using EBNF syntax here)
> TableName   ::= [^\. ']+ | "'" [^']+ "'"
> However, for spreadsheet context, embedded apostrophes must be allowed,
> and could be doubled for storage.
> SheetName   ::= [^\. ']+ | "'" ([^'] | "''")+ "'"
> How can this be addressed in the ODF specification?

--- David A. Wheeler

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