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Subject: Drawing Caption Questions

Hello all,

I am not sure if this item has been closed or not (I just joined this TC last week...and greetings to all). I ever had a discussion with Rich on the caption-id. I see that Draft 3 is same with Draft 2 on this part by using the id of <text:p> or <text:section> to caption a drawing element (9.2.15). As we know, <draw:text-box> can enclose multiple <text:p> or <text:section> elements although it may not happen often. Do we mean to use one part of text in the text box as the caption? If not, it seems that the "draw:id" could be used for this purpose.

My collegue also asked that, could the <draw:caption> be used as caption? I read the spec, and it seems it should be. Anyway, I bring the question here to get your comments. Thanks!

Helen Yue

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