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Subject: Presentation Table Revisit

Hi all,

The discussion on presentation table last night made me confused and drives me to ask questions here.

What I got currently is that, 1) we need to preserve the table structure per Acc requirements, 2) ODF v1.0 does not define the presentation table, 3)we suggest implementation to import table to embedded spreadsheet, 4) we know the embedded spreadsheet act differently from presentation native table(we may think ppt table as an example), and 5) we may have further table design later in ODFv1.2. Another fact is that, OpenOffice 2.0 imports table in ppt as drawing group. I also read the discussion before, such as the summary by Florian Reuter, http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200605/msg00026.html.

My questions is, why we do not adopt the "native" table solution? That is, to have table as the "first-class citizens" of OpenDocument presentations. It seems a "real" table solution. Even if we have not get a prefect solution now, I think we can decide the parent element of table, such as, if we want to put the <draw:table> under <draw:frame>. We can add it to ODF v1.1, and maybe refine it in ODF v1.2.

If we really can not provide a table solution, we are now actually suggesting implementations to imitate presentation table by embedded spreadsheet. If we do this, I think that we also need to provide some means, or at least some guidance, for implementations.


Helen Yue

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