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Subject: JTC1 submission plans for v1.0 2nd ed.

TC members:
    The final TC ballot on the 'second edition' version of OpenDocument v1.0 is almost closed.[1]   Once this occurs and is successful, it's my understanding that all procedural steps for providing the approved work to ISO/IEC JTC1 as the final copy for printing are complete.  At that point we will ship both the finalized specification (with appropriate metadata on the cover page showing its status), and the proposed disposition report showing how JTC1 ballot comments were handled, to JTC1 for printing as the final International Standard v1.0.  I will plan to attend Monday's TC meeting [2] to answer any questions and address any remaining issues in the disposition report (if there are any), so that we can ship it and be done.  
    At that point we can turn our full attention to v1.1, which I understand is itself ready for public review.  On Monday, if possible, I also would like briefly to discuss with the TC some suggestions that have been made for accelerating the JTC1 and OASIS processing of that second piece of work.    
   As I hope you know, we're delighted by the timely responsiveness you've provided to the JTC1 process, and appreciate your significant contributions to this work and open standardization.

Kind regards  Jamie Clark, OASIS

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/


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