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Subject: OpenDocument v1.1 Draft 7 and Schedule

Dear TC members,

as requested by the Accessibility SC, I have prepared a new OpenDocument v1.1 
Draft 7. It is available at


A list of changes is available at the end of this e-mail.

You may further have read that Jamie Clark will join the TC call on Monday to 
discuss with the TC some suggestions that have been made for accelerating the 
JTC1 and OASIS processing of OpenDocument v1.1. I suggest that we discuss 
these suggestion with him first before we decide how to move on with 
OpenDocument v1.1. If his suggestion don't require adaptions to either the 
OpenDocument v1.1 specification or its schedule, then I suggest that we 
conduct a committee/public review voting for this draft on Monday.

Best regards


List of changes:

The following text has been added to Appendix E:

"E.4.Further Guidelines

Please see the additional, detailed Accessibility Guidelines 
http://docs.oasis-open.org/office/office-accessibility/guidelines. That more 
comprehensive document will be the up-to-date set of recommendations for what 
all OpenDocument applications should do in order to fully support accessibility."

The description of section 4.3.2 List Item has been adapted. That's a 
correction of the last minute errata that Davil Wheeler reported[1].

The description was

"List items contain the textual content of a list. A <text:list-item> element
can contain paragraphs or lists. A list item cannot contain headings or tables."

and reads now

"List items contain the textual content of a list. A <text:list-item> element
can contain paragraphs, headings, lists or soft page breaks. A list item
cannot contain tables."

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200607/msg00039.html

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