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Subject: [office] OpenDocument v1.0 (2nd edition) Comittee Specification (newfile names)


I have now uploaded the OpenDocument v1.0 (2nd edition) Comittee 
Specification with the correct file names:


tagged PDF:

HTML (zipped):

While changing the document identifiers in the document itself, I have 
noticed that the specification title that is contained in the embedded 
schemas still was  "OpenDocument v1.0" rather than "OpenDocument v1.0 (Second 
Edition)". I have corrected that.

And I have added Florian Reuter to contributors list, who unfortunately was 
missing (Florian: I've created the contributors list from the Web Page that 
lists the TC members, and assume you were missing because you made the 
transition to the OpenDocument Foundation at exactly the time I've made a 
snapshot of the page - I have to apologize for noticing this as late).

Best regards


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