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Subject: Namespace prefix in formula attributes

Robert Weir said:
> Another simplification would be to drop the "of:" prefix
> and say that formulas by default are formulas according to
> this specification, and that only alternative formula languages
> are required to be namespaced.  That's gets rid of the attribute
> namespaces altogether in the most usual case.  Of course, all
> vendors are using the default namespace in ODF 1.0 and ODF 1.1,
> but this will be unambiguous, since ODF 1.2 documents will have
> a 1.2 version tag, and we can distinguish implementation-defined
> formulas in ODF 1.0, from default OpenFormula formulas in ODF 1.2.

It's fine by me if we drop the "of:" prefix, as long as we avoid
ambiguity.  If we agree that an OpenDocument table:formula beginning
with "=" is OpenFormula (and namespace names don't begin with =) it'll
be unambiguous, and OpenFormula formulas always begin with an '='.

This would mean that typical formulas would look like this:
... table:formula="=SUM([.A1:.B3])" ...

We could still include a formula namespace if we want to be able to
independently version the formula language from the spec.
But if that's unnecessary, simply using the version attribute
would suffice.

--- David A. Wheeler

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