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Subject: Re: [office] Accessibility SC leadership change

Dear TC members, Nathaniel,

Nathaniel S Borenstein wrote:
> With the successful completion of the first round of accessibility 
> changes to the ODF spec, it is time for me to step down as chair of the 
> ODF Accessibility Subcommittee.   I would like to nominate Peter Korn 

I would like to thank Nathaniel for his valuable support in setting up the 
SC, and for chairing it the last months. While he was chairing the SC, the SC 
delivered the accesibility report, and the TC created the 1.1 specification - 
both were important events for the TC.

> and Richard Schwerdtfeger as the new co-chairs of the SC.  Both Richard 
> and Peter have expressed their willingness to serve in this role, and 
> the SC itself supports this nomination.   I am confident that the 
> committee will continue to produce excellent work under their 
> leadership.  -- Nathaniel

Since it is the wish of the Accessibility SC itself that Peter Korn and 
Richard Schwerdtfeger lead the SC as co-chairs in the future, I suggest that 
the TC follows this proposal.

The TC today has a work call, but I will put an approval of the new SC 
chair(s) on the agenda of the TC coordination call next week (August, the 7th).

Best regards


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