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Subject: Re: [office] Draft Charter for a OpenDocument/UOF Harmonization TC

Hello Michael,

as I will be in Lyon on Monday, I just wanted to say that I do approve
this new SC charter, so "+1".



Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg a écrit :
> Dear TC members,
> in our TC meeting on August, the 14th, we discussed the opportunity to
> harmonize OpenDocument and the Chinese UOF file format, and the
> possible options to do that. We in particular discussed the option to
> create a subcommittee that works out recommendations on how to best
> harmonize the two formats. Since the TC did like that idea, Robert an
> myself took an action item to create a charter proposal for this.
> We have a charter proposal ready now. It is attached below, and I will
> put a discussion of the proposal on the conference call agenda for
> next Monday.
> Best regards
> Michael
> Charter for a Subcommittee for Proposing the Harmonization of OASIS
> OpenDocument Format (ODF) and the Working Group 7 of E-Government
> Standards General Team's Specifications for Chinese Office File
> Formats Based on XML (UOF)
> Statement of purpose
> --------------------
> 1.To evaluate the OpenDocument 1.1 specification against the Chinese
> linguistic, cultural, business, academic, government, technical and
> similar requirements with special consideration given to how UOF meets
> these requirements.
> 2.To propose other recommendations regarding what steps should be
> taken for the purpose of harmonizing UOF and OpenDocument.
> Deliverables
> ------------
> 1.A formal evaluation of the suitability of the OpenDocument file
> format for the above requirements.
> 2.A list of  additional capabilities and modifications OpenDocument
> requires to support above requirements.
> 3.Recommendations regarding what further steps should be taken for the
> purpose of harmonizing UOF and OpenDocument.
> Scope of work
> -------------
> The subcommittee should limit its work to consideration of the two
> specifications: ODF and UOF.  The subcommittee may interpret
> “harmonization” broadly to include a variety of approaches.
> Manner and schedule of work
> ---------------------------
> The work of the subcommittee will be primarily through a mailing list
> set up by OASIS for subcommittee work. Access by the public will be
> through an openly available mail list archive.
> Conference calls and meetings will be scheduled on a regular basis as
> agreed by the sub committee after its formation.
> Manner and Schedule of the work, including working language and time
> of meetings/conference calls, will be set by the Chair, provided that
> following written items shall be provided to the TC in English:
> - the reports noted in the Deliverables section above
> - Meeting minute summaries,
> - Other communications to the OpenDocument TC from the Subcommittee

Associé / Associate,
Ars Aperta.

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