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Subject: Re: [office] Fwd: ODF spec question (white-space processing)

On Sep 11, 2006, at 3:39 PM, Daniel Vogelheim wrote:

> [... example ...]
>> <text:p>
>>         My paragraph text
>> </text:p>
> I am curious as to whether those same people would expect the
> following to not have any whitespace, too:
>   <text:p>
>     <text:span>
>         My paragraph text
>     </text:span>
>   </text:p>

Based on today's discussion, wouldn't there be a single space (the 
collapsed one from the span)? And so I take it you are pointing out an 
inconsistency? Or maybe I'm just lost ...

> Which, according to absolutely everybody :), it seems, will have
> whitespace.

I didn't say anything during the call nor on the list about this, but 
that doesn't mean I agree with whatever consensus seemed to emerge. I 
just don't get the practical implications of this issue, and so 
abstained. I got the impression I may not have been alone?

Michael asked whether we agree about the need for pretty printing or 
some such, and I honestly don't, simply because I don't understand what 
he meant by this.

So can someone recount why this (collapse vs. remove) is important?


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