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Subject: Re: [office] Compliance testing OpenDocument - current status

Thanks, Rob and David. The wiki has covered most information I got. I ever tried the test suite at early time. The idea is good.

As a standard, I think an official conformance guidelines is needed in the long term, which can be the foundation for third-party to develop test suite or conformance tools. Section 1.5 in the OpenDocument v1.0 spec talks about conformance. It seems to me, the basic requirement specified in this section is that, the conforming document should be valid against the schema if all foreign elements and attributes are removed before validation and the foreign elements and attributes should not be a part of the namespace defined in the specification. It is not enough. For example, it does not give a clear checklist, or give different conformance levels if needed.

These two W3C specification gives much guidelines on how to specify conformance when designing a specification, http://www.w3.org/TR/qaframe-spec/, and http://www.w3.org/TR/spec-variability/.

Best Regards,
Helen Yue

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          09/19/2006 01:40 AM
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[office] Compliance testing OpenDocument - current status

Rob Weir noted this Good write-up on compliance testing:

Here's some useful information on OpenDocument-specific
compliance testing that I happened to know.  I've created a draft wiki page
here, where we can merge this informal information as we collect it:

I'm looking forward to what else Rob Weir uncovers; if we all
pool our information, I suspect that there's quite a lot of information out there.


There is no official formal compliance test suite.
But informally, MUCH is already being done - there's an informal
test suite, results are already being posted based on running the suite,
and the formula group's work can be used to do the same for spreadsheets.
Details below.

The Networking and Mobile Computing Laboratory at the School of EECS
of University of Central Florida, (in cooperation with Intel)
is working to create an extensive set of OpenDocument sample
documents.  They've already created a set.  Their main page is here:

Email messages explaining/discussing this test suite are here:

I want to _ESPECIALLY_ point out the email dated May 17, 2006
from lboloni at eecs.ucf.edu (Lotzi Boloni).  He makes an important
clarification that this NOT just a test from any one application:
"You are right that the dangers of the exclusive use of the OpenOffice.
The technique we are using is that even if the test was originally
created in OpenOffice, we are unzipping the document file, manually
removing all the OpenOffice specific metadata, verify if it conforms
to the standard and then reassemble it. For many of the tests however,
they are simply written from scratch in XML.
So for all purposes, these tests can be considered as 'hand written
XML based on the specification'."

The OpenDocument Fellowship (not the same as the OpenDocument Foundation)
maintains a list of OpenDocument-implementing applications.
They use a compact version of the above test suite to test applications,
and post results on their website. See here for their list of
applications and test results, as well as links to their compact version:

The Intel suite doesn't include a spreadsheet.  Instead, the formula
subcommittee's specification is specifically written so that a test suite
CAN be generated from the specification.  The draft specification
defines three main groups (Small, Medium, and Large) and exactly
what it takes to comply with each group.  Here's how to download the
test suite generator, which can then process the spec and create a
test suite based on the current version of the specification:
More about the formula subcommittee is here:

There's actually a LOT already being done in this area, but
I think a lot of people aren't aware of it.  I think we should create a
Wiki page giving pointers to this information, since people ask about it.
And if anyone wants to set up a more formal process, certainly
knowing what's going on informally would be a good first step.

--- David A. Wheeler

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