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Subject: Re: [office] Prefix/suffix with bullets - and constant strings in lists


David Faure wrote:
> The ODF specification, in "14.10.3 Bullet Level Style", says:
> The attributes style:num-format-prefix and style:num-format-suffix specified in section 12.2 can be used to add characters before or behind the bullet character.
> First problem: the attribute names are wrong, this references style:num-prefix and style:num-suffix in the schema.

This seems to be a typo. We should correct it.

> Second problem: this allows people to use a prefix and a suffix for a bullet... is this really intentional? OOo doesn't seem to support it so it's surprising to see this in the specification.

I'm not sure if these attribute were added for bullets by intention, but 
I think its not a problem that we have them. You are right that OOo does 
not support them for bullets.

> The somewhat related feature is: how to have a constant string used as a prefix before a paragraph, as in
>   Answer: Yes
> where "Answer:" is like a bullet or numbering: non-modifiable, and coming from the numbering style.
> There are strange ways of doing it, like a custom bullet set to ":", and a prefix of "Answer", assuming the applications
> supported prefixes before bullets like the specification says, but this is still a strange way of doing it.
> Instead it would probably be better to have real support for this. MSWord supports it via the
> number format string; when that string doesn't contain the number, the number style switches
> to (none). I know that Florian was/is working on supporting all numbering formats from MSWord,
> does that include such "fixed strings without numbering"?
I don't know, but I will forward your question to the OOo Writer team.

My personal opinion is that OpenDocument should not support this feature 
by an additional attribute or number level style rather than using a 
combination of a prefix and an empty number.


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