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Subject: Re: [office] white-space processing proposal

Lars Oppermann wrote:
> Henceforth, this would imply, that for an OpenDocument application the 
> fragments
> <text:p>  this  is  the   first    fragment</text:p>
> <text:p>this is the first fragment</text:p>
> are equal and an ODF application should interpret them as such.

I may have misunderstood last Monday's discussions, but
here are some points I came away with:
1. What is MOST IMPORTANT is that everyone agree on SOME behavior,
    for interoperability's sake.
2. For version 1.1, the goal was to clarify the behavior so that all 
understand it.
3. A future version (say 1.2) could CHANGE the behavior, but it was 
    to NOT change it for 1.1.  The "version" attribute makes it possible 
to do this
    in both a forwards and backwards compatible way.

I may have misunderstood things; if I have, please say so.
For myself, I don't really care what the
resolution is, as long as there is a clear resolution.

--- David A. Wheeler

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