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Subject: Re: [office] white-space processing proposal

Hi Dave, gang,

I wonder if we can separate this into multiple issues, and tackle them 
individually, and perhaps at least come to agreement on some (if not 
all) of them.

 1. White space should be preserved in ODF XML
 2. All ODF readers/writers should have the same understanding of white 
space in ODF XML
 3. ODF XML should follow general XML rules

Does this capture it all?

It may well be that:

  <text:p>  this  is  the   first    fragment</text:p>

is a construction that no current ODF application/tool creates.  
Certainly SO/OOo won't do this.  It'll instead do something like:

<text:p><text:s text:c="*2*" />this <text:s />is <text:s />the <text:s 
text:c="*2*" />first <text:s text:c="*3*" />fragment</text:p>

So, if this behavior is clearly defined in the ODF spec, then we address 
#1 and #2 above, right?  That only leaves #3.

Dave - is it not possible in XML to define the SO/OOo behavior as valid?


> On 21/09/06, Lars Oppermann <Lars.Oppermann@sun.com> wrote:
>> Hi Dave,
>> The XML 1.1 recommendation [1] gives the following definition:
>> "A software module called an XML processor is used to read XML documents
>> and provide access to their content and structure".
>> And "It is assumed that an XML processor is doing its work on behalf of
>> another module, called the application".
>> The XML 1.1 spec is about the behavior of XML processors (e.g. parsers)
>> not applications using such processors.
> So an ODF implementation doesn't read XML documents
> and provide access to their content and structure?
> I think they are. Just because Michael won't specify it fully
> and implementors have ignored this doesn't change a fact.
>> However, while white-space are a part of the XML info-set, they are not
>> in the same way part of the info-set represented in OpenDocument, which
>> uses them as word delimiters like HTML (or Lisp).
> Which implies no XML app is interested in ws? ws isn't a word delimiter
> in all cases. Even in the HTML world.
> I wonder why they have xml:space='preserve' ?
> There is no
>> requirement for an OpenDocument editor to be an XML editor. It would be
>> counter productive in my view to enforce such a notion and I believe
>> that most implementors would agree with me on that.
> Sorry, I'm a user, not an implementor. I thought it was for users.
>> Henceforth, this would imply, that for an OpenDocument application the
>> fragments
>> <text:p>  this  is  the   first    fragment</text:p>
>> <text:p>this is the first fragment</text:p>
>> are equal and an ODF application should interpret them as such.
> That's a view.
> It is one I disagree with.
> regards

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