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Subject: Fwd: Re: ISO/IEC 26300 (spec publishing; status flags)

   Hello all. I passed along advice from the TC's members to the
ISO publications staff producing the CD copy of IS 26300. They have
some opaque rules about filename length and nonalphabetic
characters. Given that it will not render the spec unusable, the
best way to speed production is to accept their proposal. Thank you
for the responses that allowed us to confirm that conclusion.
   There still are some difficulties caused by slow updates to JTC1 
information (administered by ISO staff). Some of those websites
still show 26300 as "in process", even though every last vote has
been taken and passed without dissent. There's apparently a delay
between the actual approval, and the time when the websites
acknowledge its approval -- this may be related to the production work
done to make compact disks and PDFs available for sale.  OpenDocument
risks losing opportunities for early,adoption, if users rely on the
site's report and it inaccurately suggests that approval has not yet
occurred.  We have asked for correction of the public status flags.
   Regards Jamie

~ James Bryce Clark
~ Director of Standards Development, OASIS
~ jamie.clark@oasis-open.org

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: ISO/IEC 26300 (spec publishing issues)
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 06:14:41 -0700
From: James Bryce Clark <jamie.clark@oasis-open.org>
To: "Richard Cook ISO"
* * *

   Richard, thank you again for checking with us before changing the
filenames.  We are very happy to have all of the files includes on
the CD as you say.
   As to the filenames. our experts have confirmed that in this
instance, filename changes along the lines noted below will not
impair use of the material.
   It appears to us that you are using the 30 character limit in
Section 5 of the rules you provided, and none of the names below
exceed 28 characters, except for the graphics files associated with
the HTML document, so we assume your main concern is nonalphabetic
   Optimally it would be helpful to preserve the unique
most-meaningful portions of the names. * * *
   Thank you again for your assistance.
   Kind regards  JBC

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