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Subject: OpenDocument TC Coordination Call Minutes 2006-10-09

1. Rollcall
Nathaniel Borenstein, IBM
Yue Ma, IBM
Robert Weir, IBM
Helen Yue, IBM
Patric Durusau
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems
Svante Schubert, Sun Microsystems
Dan Brickley, OpenDocument Foundation
Gary Edwards, OpenDocument Foundation
Florian Reuter, OpenDocument Foundation

2. Acceptance of Minutes from Last Call
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last
coordination call.

3. Action Items Review
Lars: perform edits to spec according to resolutions of this meeting and 
post updated version to the TC workspace.
- done

4. ODF 1.1 Approval
Michael: latest draft is out for several days now, no comments so far. 
we can  assume everyone seems to be fine with it. we can vote for a 
committee  draft now and start electronic ballot to approve committee 

Rob: how about making it oasis standard
Michael: that is a separate decision, but committee spec is prerequisite 
to conduct OASIS standard ballot.
We could combine CS approval with request to start OS process
... I propose to check back with the SC chairs on whether there is a
requirement to go to OASIS Std.

RESOLUTION: accept draft 8 as committee draft

RESOLUTION: request committee specification voting now (runs 7 days), 
decide on OASIS Std later.

ACTION: Michael to request CS ballot and prepare documents.

5. Metadata use-case doc
Michael: why is there a longer and a shorter doc?
Patrick: the longer document is additional documentation for the use
cases presented in the short document and shows how the requirements be
Michael: should both documents be approved?
Bruce: the longer document is the first deliverable, the shorter one is
the second.
Michael: since the shorter one includes an overview, it might suffice to
approve that one.
Patrick: correct.
Michael: I got to read through the shorter document an liked it very much.
Bruce: are there any questions regarding the document?
Michael: I find it very understandable and precise. If there are no
further questions I propose to accept the document so the Metadata SC
can continue based on that approved document.
Patrick: does anyone have more questions about the shorter document
... motion to accept the doc
- no objection

RESOLUTION: The TC accepts the first deliverable of the
Metadata SC.

Rob: is the document on a public URL
Bruce: it is, I just sent out the wrong URL
Rob: wouldn't it be appropriate to link the doc from the charter page of
the metatada SC? put a link there right next to the deliverables page
Michael: we should also put it up at the TC homepage
Bruce: can you give us a deadline for getting the proposal included in
ODF 1.2?
Michael: we are aiming at finishing ODF 1.2 mid-next year
Rob: earlier is better, as we need implementations
Bruce: how is the term "use" for impl defined
Michael: it's quite broad
Lars: reading of metadata should also constitute usage of the data
Rob: or just retaining the data
Michael: it also refers to usage of the specification, it does not
require a feature-by-feature implementation of the whole spec in any
possible way
Patrick: the point should be to have it rather sooner than later, we
need to come up with normative language for the spec

Michael: for 1.2 we are also looking at inclusion of presentation tables
and formula.
there is no clear schedule as to what will be ready at what time
it's always an option to just take what's ready
we should get to a more definitive picture of what we include in 1.2 by
the end of the year or early next year.

Michael: Patrick, does this sound like a reasonable plan to you
Patrick: I'm fine with that and we should go ahead like that

Michael: further topics?

Rob: update on ISO? Status of publication?
Michael: last thing I heard was the question from Jamie about the file
names and I think they are going ahead now
Patrick: I also expect this to be finished within this month. When they
are already talking about burning CDs they must be in the last steps...

Helen: metadata...
difference of content tagging and smart-tags
Bruce: smart tags can be used as a mechanism to tag content, content
tagging is more generated.
Rob: smart tags could be seen as an automatic way of tagging content

Helen: are the 5 use-cases all the use-cases that will be considered in
the metadata work?
Bruce: yes
Helen: what about common cover page for multiple document. is that a use
case for metadata
Bruce: like master-documents
Helen: yes
Bruce: the metadata should enable to make statements about such
relationships among documents (e.g. relationship between draft<->final doc)
Helen: can you point me to more material about RDF?
Bruce: maybe like link on the list? we can do that...

call ends.

New Action Items:
Michael to request CS ballot and prepare documents.

Next Conference Call

work call 2006-10-16, 3:00PM-4:00PM UTC
coordination call 2006-10-23, 3:00PM-4:00PM UTC

Lars Oppermann <lars.oppermann@sun.com>               Sun Microsystems
Software Engineer                                         Nagelsweg 55
Phone: +49 40 23646 959                         20097 Hamburg, Germany
Fax:   +49 40 23646 550                  http://www.sun.com/staroffice

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