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Subject: OpenDocument TC Work Call Minutes 2006-10-16

1. Rollcall

Nathaniel Borenstein, IBM
Yue Ma, IBM
Robert Weir, IBM
Helen Yue, IBM
David Faure, KDE
Jody Goldberg, Novell
Gary Edwards, OpenDocument Foundation
David Wheeler, OpenDocument Foundation
Michael Brauer, Sun
Peter Korn, Sun
Lars Oppermann, Sun

2. Acceptance of Minutes from Last Call
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last
coordination call (4 September).

3. Action Items Review
- none pending

4. Reports/ODF 1.2
CS voting is running, please vote if you have not yet voted
OASIS Standard voting for 1.1 will be done:
start OASIS ballot next week
3 certifications required. TC members using the specification should 
send a formal certification to the TC list.
Certifications are required as part of the ballot request

Rob: are we requesting the ballot until Dec. 15 so that it can run in
January (2nd week)?
Michael: yes, we can however vote to request the ballot on a TC level as
early as we like.
Peter: concerning certification, I approached Dave Pawson, he needs to
know the format for the certification
Michael: I will send copies of the previous certifications...
... certification should arrive by end of November
Lars: who is authorized to send certifications?
Michael: anyone who is authorized by his organization to do so
... don't know whether we need an email ballot for the decision on going
for the OASIS vote, will ask Mary.

Michael: started collecting 1.2 action items
- tables in presentation
- formulas
- metadata
- bullet lists with constant strings

Michael: we need to adopt formatting of 1.2 to ISO rules
Lars: what kind of changes
Michael: visual layout as well as some linguistic styling issues
... we also received comments to that end
... different cover pages for different version (OASIS/ISO) required
... page numbering might need to be adapted
... I received some templates and will look at what needs to be done at
the beginning of the editing phase
... We will work on more precise time line for 1.2 by end of this year,
hence everyone should send in topics they might have for 1.2
DavidW: we agreed to move the 1.2 schedule up (sooner), didn't we?
Michael: less than three month left this year, targeting OASIS ballot
for mid next year would be realistic
Michael. going for draft in march might be possible which means OASIS
ballot in June
... also metadata should be in there
DavidW: 3 things for 1.2: A11Y, Metadata, Formula
Rob: + ISO formatting
Michael: we should allow time for vendors to add additional features
Lars: and there should also be time to get implementation experience.
Rob: davidW, if formula is ready way before other things for 1.2, would
there be interest in making 1.1+openformula a committee specification
DavidW: sure, would certainly make sense.
Michael: we should not release new standards too frequently
Lars: we should use the possibility to create committee specifications
though, in order to give implementors a way of working with what we
create and give feedback
Michael: right, I was referring to full OASIS/ISO standards
... furthermore its also always possible to approve a separate document
and include it by reference
Lars: can such a document also become committee draft/spec
Michael: yes.
.. like we also discussed already for package specification to make that
into its own document
... DavidW, is that also acceptable for OpenFormula
DavidW: absolutely.
... just tell us what you need.
Michael: should we reach a formal TC decision on this
... in terms of dividing ODF in multiple documents (or parts)
Lars: also gives more flexibility to the TC
Michael: I will work on a proposal for this and also try to get feed-
back from Patrick on this and how it fits into ISO processes.

David: is there a status for the numbering work
Michael: I will check that

- call ends

Next meeting:
Coordination call 2006-10-23, 3:00PM-4:00PM UTC

Lars Oppermann <lars.oppermann@sun.com>               Sun Microsystems
Software Engineer                                         Nagelsweg 55
Phone: +49 40 23646 959                         20097 Hamburg, Germany
Fax:   +49 40 23646 550                  http://www.sun.com/staroffice

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