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Subject: ISO/IEC 26300

   As you may know, ISO has changed the visible status of 
OpenDocument v1 as approved (ISO/IEC 26300) to correctly reflect its 
International Status standard, "60.00" in its harmonized stage 
coding.  This can be seen by searching for "26300" in the ISO search 
function, after selecting "Search options > ISO number" and "Items 
to show > Both", at 

   Another way into this data is the following compound search 
results URI:

   A table of the stage codes appears here:

   When the IS is released for official publication in a few weeks, 
that status code will be upgraded to "60.60" to reflect the 
availability of copies for sale at the ISO web store.

    Likely our next topic, regarding ISO/IEC JTC1, will be what to 
advise them regarding v1.1 (which you've completed and are balloting 
now, congratulations) and v1.x/2.0.  We've indicated that we plan to 
bring back appropriately stable revisions to JTC1.  So the question 
will be which next version is "appropriately stable."  Based on 
preliminary chats with several of you, it's my understanding is that 
v1.1 is unlikely to be suggested for resubmission.

     Kind regards JBC

~ James Bryce Clark
~ Director of Standards Development, OASIS
~ jamie.clark@oasis-open.org

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