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Subject: Re: [office] Suggested ODF1.2 items

>>* introduce table:allowCollapse attribute for paragraphs following nested tables to encode WW and HTML-like tables.
>>* declare sub tables as deprecated
>Clarification: How does a nested table differ from a sub table?
>Currently we allow tables to occur in cells. Is that what you want to 

Nested tables remain tables whereas sub tables indicated by the isSubtable="true" attribute are a very special encoding
of horizontal and vertical merging.

In fact the isSubtable="true" attribute introduces a very special way of cell merging. The commonly used way in e.g.
HTML to achieve cell merging is to use the number-rows-spanned and number-columns-spanned attributes. Thus I proposed to
deprecate isSubtable attribute in favour of number-rows-spanned and number-columns-spanned attributes

I'll try to give an illustrative example when I write the proposal.

Thanks for the feedback.

Best regards,


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