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Subject: "deprecation"


I used the word "deprecation" in my list, which seemed to cause some bad feelings. Please let me explain:

I made the point
* declare sub tables as deprecated
in my suggestion list, because I really think that row-span and col-span method is better suited to express merging(http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200611/msg00050.html). I seem to share this thought with Richard Schwerdtfeger(http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/office-accessibility/200608/msg00031.html) who has concerns about sub tables regarding accessibility.

I also made the point
* declare the style:next-style-name attribute of master-page declarations as deprecated.
In my opinion this feature is bad for accessibility and interoperability too. I’m happy to discuss this.

The following statement was made, because I would like to get rid of a redundancy:
* declare style:list-level-properties/@text:space-before as deprecated. Effect can be achieved with paragraph indent.

So I think the points have a relationship to MOOX interop, but they are valid in itself.

The "discourage" statement regarding nested framed, text:sections, fo:break-after and fo:margin was meant as an _information_ to the TC which features cause problems. What the TC makes of this _information_ is up to the TC.
However please to not spin political issues out of technical information in a technical committee. If every time I (or someone else) who posts information get’s confronted with politics (like TC45, OOo, …) the TCs work will get harmed a lot.

For questions regarding Novell, OASIS, ECMA I would like to point you to Alan Clark (aclark@novell.com). For comments like "ahh, no you’re wrong, actually text:sections can be mapped to MS sections back and force" please contact me immediately.


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