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Subject: Re: [office] Version Attribute Proposal

On Nov 25, 2006, at 5:36 AM, Michael Brauer wrote:

> Isn't the situation I'm describing "If a processor for version X meets 
> a version <X"? What I want to achieve with keeping the version 
> attribute optional is that if a 1.2 processor validates a 1.0 or 1.1 
> document against the 1.2 schema, that it then does not get validation 
> errors.

Is there some other change in ODF 1.2 that we can always rely on being 
that there would distinguish a file from pre-1.2 versions, such that we 
could tie validation to that?

In RELAX NG, you can do this:

start = ODF-1.1 | ODF-1.2

ODF-1.1 = element foo { element bar { text }, attribute version { ID }? 
ODF-1.2 = element foo { element bar2 { text }, attribute version { 
"1.2" } }

In that case, if there was a bar2 child of the root, the version 
attribute would be required.


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