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Subject: ODF 1.2 proposals

Dear TC members,

I have already announced a few weeks ago that Sun's OpenOffice.org team 
will provide us with a couple of proposals for ODF 1.2. Below is a first 
(and maybe still incomplete) list of what we can expect:

- A proposal for supporting RFC4646, which is the successor of RF3066,
   to specify languages and countries, etc.. This actually effects the
   use of the fo:language and fo:country attributes

- A proposal to extend cell addresses so that full spreadsheet rows and
   columns can get accessed.
- A proposal for additional operators for table:filter-condition.
- A proposal for a new sort option "natural sort".

The spreadsheet team further supports David Wheeler's proposal for named 
expressions that are local to a sheet: 

- A proposal for an attribute to sort charts by the values on the x axis
   for display.

Text documents:
- A couple of proposals for numbering and outline numbering. These
   should be aligned with Florian's and David's proposals.
- A proposal for provide new attribute value to allow formulas to be
   aligned 'baseline-to-baseline' with text.

The Writer team has further indicated an interest in some of the 
enhancements that Florian has suggested.

Graphical Objects:
- A proposal for supporting the "draw:ole-draw-aspect" for all kind of
   embedded objects.

The Impress team further has shown interest in supporting us with the 
definition of tables in presentation.

- A proposal for a “database front-end" document type. (this will be a
   revised proposal of 

Best regards


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